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Car Accident Tips

Soleyon Insurance

If You Have An Accident

  1. Call 911 if anyone is injured.
  2. Get names, addresses, phone numbers, makes of vehicles, and license numbers of all other drivers, passengers, and witnesses.
  3. Get all other drivers' insurance information (company, policy number, and contact info).
  4. Carefully examine damage to other vehicles.
  5. Do not admit fault.
  6. Call the police if there are injuries or if the other party(s) are uncooperative.
  7. Take photos of the accident location and the vehicles involved.
  8. Only discuss the accident with the police or with your insurance representative.
  9. Notify Soleyon Insurance immediately. If after hours, call your insurance provider.

Call us during our normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific) at 425-208-0035 or call your insurance provider.

Find company claim phone numbers

Here's a complete list of the info you should gather after an accident:

  1. Date and time
  2. City, street, intersection
  3. Road and weather conditions
  4. Direction and speed of both vehicles
  5. Did the police take a report? If so, what was the department and case number?
  6. Detailed description of what happened
  7. Info about other driver (name, phone, address, make, license #, driver's license #, insurer, policy #, birth date)
  8. Witness info

If you don't have a place to write down this information, use your phone's camera to take photos of the other driver's:

  • License
  • Registration
  • License plate
  • Proof of insurance